I would encourage anyone and everyone to make a special trip out to Miami Beach to go fishing with Captains Bouncer Smith and Abie Raymond. They are considered by many to be among the best fisherman in the world and Bouncer Smith is quite possibly the most knowledgable fisherman on Earth. I have been fishing with these guys on three occasions and every trip has been a fantastic experience. I’ve gone 2 for 2 on swordfish with Bouncer and Abie, we have also caught numerous other fish, and we won a fishing tournament. We also had the pleasure of seeing an entire pod of Pilot Whales, which numbered at least 15, with the biggest one being around 20 feet long. An entire day of 6-8 foot seas, at the very least, added to the fun and the 33′ Dusky handled the rough weather with ease.

Zachary Atkinson, August 2016