One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. If you’re in Destin, this is a must do. And there is no better candidate than Captain Jordan. From the moment I told him that one of the passengers was a local 14 year old boy that has been battling leukemia for several months and that we would not be able to stay out much more than an hour, he completely understood. Normally most charters require a 4 hour minimum but this was not a problem for Jordan, and the best part was, we called him last minute to see if he was even available. Jordan was fully aware that we might not have even been able to show up the next day on a moments notice, or that at any moment while we were out, we might have to turn around. Jordan cleared his personal time just to take us out without any hesitation. Despite our trip being short on time, we got right to it and within 30 minutes we were hooked up to a decent sized sand shark. Even though Johann has lost most of his ability to do many of the hobbies he loves, he was still able to reel the shark most of the way! I have not seen this kid so happy in so long, it was a blessing to get him out there and have a great time. We were all having so much fun that Jordan kept us out there for almost an extra 45 minutes. I don’t know many of the other fishing captains but I can say this, the world could use more high caliber men like Captain Jordan.

A special thanks to Captain JJ and Eric White who referred us to Captain Jordan.